Donatelli's Restaurant

In 1976, Donatelli's began operations as a small, independent restaurant with a one page menu and about 4 employees, catering mostly to area kids. The word spread and as those kids grew up so did we... expanding our menu to include the adult appetite. A lot has changed since then, but our original commitment to providing outstanding service, quality food and generous portions remains solidly in place.

Nearly 30 years after opening our doors, our menu includes 10 pages, with a huge variety of options, we employ about 50 full and part-time employees (our family) and we are now servicing the grand kids of our original customers. Because, we are not a chain, you won't find us on every corner, but you can find us. And we will welcome you into our casual, comfortable atmosphere, where soon we will know you by name or at least what you drink! We are very proud that after all of these years, in a sea of franchises, that we are still thriving as an independent restaurant. We owe that to our wonderful staff and our great customers.